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The Great Society

Defining moments that shaped our nation.

Lyndon Bains Johnson: The Great Society

Our 36th president (1963-1969)

Johnson was born in 1908 in Stonewall, Gillespie county, Texas.

He died January 22, 1973 in Johnson City, Texas.

Education: Texas State University, Georgetown University Law School.

55 years old at Inauguration , Vice president was Hubert H. Humphrey

Key achievements created by Lyndon Johnson:

He created Medicare and Medicaid, Sign the Civil Rights Act, outlawing discrimination based on race, or color, sex, religion or national origin. Signed the voting Rights Act, securing votes for minorities. The Jobs Corps, The Head Start education program for disadvantaged kids, and the 1963 Clean Air Act.

The Great Society was a set of domestic programs in the United States launched by Democratic President Lyndon B. Johnson in 1964–65. It was coined during a 1964 speech by President Lyndon B. Johnson at the University of Michigan and came to represent his domestic agenda. The main goal was the total elimination of poverty and racial injustice." Had it not been for the Vietnam war, a war in which he felt deeply that he could not win, president Johnson may very well have been regarded as one of America's greatest presidents.

During his time in office, Democrats and Republicans worked together to engineer some of the greatest domestic programs in history.

-Hammer, Mike-American Collection

The United States Presidents

The best and worst of all time (Plus defining moments that shaped our nation.

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