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Teddy Bear-by Mike Hammer

Theodore Roosevelt, our 26th president, was born October 27, 1858 in New York. He was married to First Lady Edith Kermit Carow Roosevelt. He died January 6, 1919, in Oyster Bay New York. He was known as a rabid reformer according to an article written by Mike Hammer. Proving that a president can do more that one thing at a time. He broke up corporate monopolies all the while bringing about improved pay and other conditions for the American workingman. He was called a war hero for his dedication to military preparedness that turned the United States into a global power. Again, proving that a president could be dedicated to more than one cause, he was just as dedicated to American conservation of its natural beauty. He turned millions of acres of unprotected wilderness into an expansive network of national parkland that remain without equal on the face of the earth. As vice president, he became the youngest commander in chief when he became president at age 42 in March 1901 after president William McKinley was assassinated. Roosevelt, a Republican won re-election easily by trouncing the Democratic candidate Alton Parker by nearly 200 electoral votes. At his inaugural message to Congress in 1905 he expressed a unique and innovative progressive domestic platform. He introduced the Square Deal. He promised that he would go toe to toe with large industrial businesses that threaten to monopolize free trade and create a fair playing field for businesses, consumers and workers. He earned the nickname the "The Trust Buster " when 44 corporations were broken up during his administration. Using the Sherman Act of 1890, T R helped dismantle monopolies like The American Tobacco, Standard Oil, Dupont Chemical Corporation and Northern Securities Trust-which was formed by the North western railroads to artificially hike transportation. Roosevelt had three nicknames, Teddy, T R, The Trust Buster. A little unknown fact about Roosevelt was that he set a record when he shook hands with 8,513 people during a White House function. More information about his achievements include: He ensured the construction of the Panama Canal. The first ship passed through Panama Canal August 15, 1914. This gave the United States immediate access to two oceans. This access created access for military intervention if crises threatened the United Stated. Further, he kept the doors of China open to American companies. Signed into legislation safely measures. Established national parks to protect millions of acres of wilderness. " Birth of the "TEDDY BEAR" In 1902, Teddy Roosevelt was invited to a bear hunting trip in Mississippi. As the hunt went on, Teddy was one of the few men in his party to not bag a bear. So the men in this group captured one and invited him to shoot the tired-up animal for his kill. But viewing, he thought the idea "un sportsmanlike," Roosevelt refused, inspiring a political cartoon that drew national attention-along with that of candy store owners Roosevelt and Morris Michtom. They created a cuddy, stuffed bear cub, sent it to Roosevelt for approval then put it in the window of their of their Brooklyn New York store and called it Teddy's Bear." The stuffed bear captured American's imagination and was an immediate hit, Roosevelt himself even used a Teddy Bear" as his mascot when he ran for re-election three years later." -Mike Hammer-

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