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What rights do grandparents have to see their grandchildren?

Grandparents not being allowed:

There are some parents who make it a point to block their parents from seeing their grandchildren. Those who are allowed in some cases, the time is very limited. Parents should seek the help of a Mediator who can sit with parents on both sides and start a dialog to resolve the matter.

According to family law, courts do recognize the value grandparents have in their grandchildren's lives. Therefore, if grandparents feel their rights as grandparents are being violated, not appreciated, and they are denied contact with their grandchildren, they should seek the services of family law and the court system. f the Mediator wasn't able to help resolve the matter. In order to bring about changes to visitation rights, one should petition the courts in the Jurisdiction entered in. Let's be clear, we are only talking about cases where the ordinary family structure is broken. We are talking about cases where there is no natural flow of parents and grandparents co-existing, bringing up the children with love and understanding.

Can grandparents be denied the rights to see their grandchildren? March 7, 2019 Web

It is a known fact that domestic situations can cause feelings of ill will between parents on either side in cases of divorce and or other domestic matters. An example to a domestic situation is if the grandmother of the (mother of the children) feels that her son or daughter has been mistreated by the other side; she thereby seizes control of the children. It becomes a matter for the courts to decide which grandparents will have custody? If neither parent is allowed to continue raising the children because of varies reasons deemed so by the courts, in many cases, a grandparent steps in. If one parent is out of jurisdiction where the children live, the matter becomes more complicated if there are boys and girls. which grandparent has the right to care for which child? Who should take care of the grandchildren if one parent has to go to jail or becomes ill and is no longer able to care for the children? The children should be kept together if possible.

Family Law Series | Grandparents Rights Review

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