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Homelessness, and what is being done to help those who need shelter, or those who refuse shelter?

Homelessness has been and still is a major problem for some people in this country. Many large cities and towns find homelessness to be a hugh problem during winter months when the temperature drops. Problems could arise if there is not enough bed apace to house all those in need. There are many reasons why a person could find themselves homeless. Some experience homelessness as a result of losing a job. Some waste time on the wrong type of job. They may have a job but it does not meet the rent requirement. There are those who rather not pay rent, or they don't make enough for the high cost of rent in a large city such as Washington, D.C.  Some have problems getting along with others. Their freedom from rules, regulations, other people, means more to them.  

Some of the reasons some would rather live homeless on the streets rather than in a shelter.

There are some who object to house rules that they must follow for their safety and those of others. Some object to house rules such as reporting to the shelter at a certain time in order to claim a space before a certain time of day. In some cities, a person who needs shelter must get in line by 2:00 in some cities, in order to sign in by 6:00 pm. Not everyone is able to meet these rules, so they find a park bench when they get tired. In order not to miss the deadline to get back into the same shelter, they must stop looking for a job by 2:00 pm and get in line and wait on the shelter to open by 6:00 pm.

Some object to getting up early and then having to spend the day searching for a job. 

Some object to spending the day looking for work and returning late and not having a place for the night.  They must look for another shelter or sleep in the park on a bench.

Some find that some of the people are rude and difficult to get along with, in fact, to the point of starting fights because that person has already claimed that portion of bench.

Help for the homeless. What is being done to help? In cities like New york, Washington, D.C., Baltimore, Philadelphia, Jacksonville, Los Angeles and practically every city in the union, there is help. This is according to an article taken from (Home for the Homeless) a non-profit organization, based in New York.

The purpose is to provide housing, employment, training, and educational opportunity for the homeless. Most cities have adopted a family plan in every city in the union. ''The best way for cities to help their homeless populations is to house them and support them with services to help them find stable employment, health care, and child care services.''


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