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Something to remember

Everyone should have memories of something about their childhood that they recall with fondness. I remember going to my grandparents home to visit after church every Sunday. It seems there was always a Cobbler (a deep dish Pie) made from the fruitstrees and vegetables that grew in their yard. I can remember that as children, we always thought this was called " in the country" In addition to what seem like an abundance of land, there were plenty of fruit trees, blackberries bushes, beautiful flowers, and animals to play with. It seemed like there was space for all our cousins galore to play with. I can remember at one point, there were ten dogs and ten cats on the property.

Houses were far enough apart until each family could have a garden. My grandparents loved harvesting peaches, pears, sweet potatoes, blackberries and other fruit and vegetables. Country living is where you can grow your own vegetables.


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