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Favorite Foods: State by State

Alabama: Cheese Grits-a southern favorite

Alaska: Salmon

Arizona: Mexican Food- tacos, nachos

Arkansas: Cheese Dip

California: Hamburger-

Colorado: Beef Enchiladas

Connecticut: New Haven Pizza

Delaware: Chicken

Florida: Cuban Food

Georgia Peach Cobbler

Hawaii: Spam

Idaho Potatoes

Illinois: Meat

Indiana: Sugar Cream Pie

Iowa: Corn on the Cob

Kansas: Bread

Kentucky: Fried Chicken

Louisiana: Craw Fish

Maine: Lobster

Maryland: Crab

Massachusetts: Clam Chowder

Michigan: Cherries

Minnesota: Tater Tots

Mississippi: Business and Gravy

Missouri: BBQ

Montana" Rocky Mountain Oysters

Nebraska: Runzas

Nevada: Buffet

New Hampshire: Cider Doughnuts

New Jersey: Salt Walter Taffy

New Mexico: Green Chiles

New York: Bagels

North Carolina: Pork BBQ

North Dakota: Bison Burgers

Ohio: Buckeyes

Oklahoma: Chicken Fried Steak

Oregon: Marion berry Pie

Pennsylvania: Cheese steak

Rhode Island: Clam Cakes

South Carolina: Sweet Tea

South Dakota: Kuchen

Tennessee: Hot Chicken

Texas: Tex Mex

Utah: Jello

Vermont: Maple Syrup

Virginia: Apples

Washington: Pho- Vietnamese noodle soup

West Virginia: Pepperoni Roll

Wisconsin: Cheese

Wyoming: Beef Jerky

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