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To Feel Happiness. Bring out the best in others.

  1. Family fun on the river. Bring a fishing pole. Rent a boat. Bring a picnic basket. When was the last time you offered simple family fun with other members of your familiy?.

Five Simple Ways To Bring Out The Best In Others

Bruce Kasanoff Contributor

Do your best, and you might have a nice little career. Bring out the best in others, and you can change the world. Do the math - to accomplish anything significant, you have to involve other people.

“Here are five of the best ways to get started”

1. Be generous: Give others your time and energy, and - most importantly - the benefit of the doubt. Believe in them, even when they stumble or fail to believe in themselves. It takes no talent whatsoever to believe in someone who is already knocking down walls. What's hard is to see the talent buried so deep inside someone even he or she does not know it is there.

2. Be open-minded: Talent takes many forms, and it brings people to some unusual circumstances. Many of the most talented people you meet will be utterly different than you; they will think differently, act differently, and talk differently. They may be loud when you want to be quiet, and they may be quiet when you are searching for input.

Your greatest challenge is to see past your own biases to spot a light burning inside a package that may at first make little sense to you.

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