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Morning Glory a Southern favorite

"When you are through learning, you'll through." Vernon Law

Azaleas flowers bloom in soft pink, adorable Autumn white, bursting Autumn Red or Purple Autumn and in the southern states. Depending on the warm weather coming for spring time, they will start to bloom as early as January in Florida or until as late as early June in some northern most states. For anyone who may have had the pleasure of visiting the Augusta National Golf course of April, that is one attractions for that time of the year. The Augusta National Golf Course was built on a 365-acre Fruit-lands Nurseries’. These flowers can be seen in the woods around the Golf course, in private yards, as shrubs around businesses, churches and practically everywhere.

Purple Morning Glory is the name given to this flower for as long as I can remember. To my knowledge there are 1,000 species for the scientific name Convolvulus. “The Fundamental qualities for good execution of a plan are first: intelligence; then discernment; and judgement. Which enable one to recognize the best method as to attain it. The singleness of purpose: and, lastly, what is most essential of all, stubborn will. “_Ferdinand Foch

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