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How to care for Poinsettias

I have maintained this Poinsettia for 7 years. I researched just recently so the purpose of this report is to share some of what I've learned about the proper caring for the Poinsettia plant.

The different shapes indicate that these favor the sun. To maintain the dark green leaves on a plant, purchased this year, some reports state they should be placed in a dark room at

night. How did this plant get its name and colors? Some Poinsettias are red, pink, white, orange, plus some combinations colors. Some may be wondering how this plant got its name. Joel Poinsett was U.S. Ambassador to Mexico in 1828 and while visiting Mexico in a city called Taxco, Mexico he saw the plant. Mr. Poinsett used aggressive marketing because he was known in the community as a botanist. He did not allow the fact that Mexico tried to throw him out for trying to buy the state of Texas for a million dollars stop him. To get his beloved plants to where he could care for them; he shipped them to South Carolina. "There they were propagated, and he named them “Mexican Fire Plant”. The largest Poinsettia plant in the world is owned by Paul Ecke who began to grow the Poinsettia when he discovered other plants were difficult to keep a supply surplus. Even though this plant is known for its milky white sap, it is not poisonous. A person would have to consume at least 500 to 700 leaves before a problematic situation would occur in the digestive system. The Poinsettias are the fruit-like yellow or orange bud seeds in the middle of the plant. The signature red and green leaves are just that, leaves but everyone calls the whole thing Poinsettia. The best temperature to raise them after Christmas is to keep between 60 to 72 degrees (Sweetner) "Water when the top inch of soil feels dry to the touch". These plants are fragile. If you bump into them accidently, it could cause a branch to drop off where it withers and dies. The plant in the picture above is from my collection and is 7 years old. I had just one plant, but I shot from different positions and angles. Unfortunately, the weather was extremely this winter, so I don’t expect to have the plant again this year. I truly did not know what I was doing. Research is so important because had I known what to do, I most likely could have saved this plant. I am grateful for the 7 years that it bloomed. I am dismayed that I did not get more classic shots. I will change some of the designs so continue to watch my site for some before and after effects. I know for certain that I enjoy seeing them grow. In the state of Florida where the temperature is warmer, they can be put outside in pots or in the ground in the spring season. They must have care in the watering process. "Too much causes the plant to shed leaves." Under water and the plant system suffers. You should remove damaged leaves. They will grow more leaves. Let me share some more research before closing out this report. Most information for this report is from

THE OLD FARMERS ALMANAC Holiday Plant Care: Poinsettia, Christmas Cactus, and Amaryllis founded 1792

Robin Sweetner

Web December 14, 2017

Web March 28, 2018

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